A+ Services specializes in web presence needs of small businesses and individuals.  We feel that in order for a small business to be successful in this age of information, it's important for a business to have web presence.  The Internet has become the most important channel of communication between businesses and their clients.  You can make information about your services readily available for access by advertising yourself on the web.  A+ Services is highly effective in creating custom and modifying existing web sites with high regard to stylish aesthetics, comprehensive functionality and flow.  We are highly proficient in revamping existing sites by re-defining target audience, determining marketing and brand objectives and creating content for our clients.

A+ Services is skilled in all steps of web management - from selecting and registering a domain name to setting up hosting, managing email accounts, FTP access, etc.  We have a proven track record in designing effective e-Commerce web site solutions selling various products and services, using industry-standard encryption mechanisms.  We use various technology, graphic design and programming skills to develop Content Management Systems based web sites.

Below is a list of some web sites designed, modified and/or maintained by us:

Technical Education Magazine
Detroit Russian Church
Ella's Stars Day Care
Children Making Tomorrow
Fantasia Spa & Cut
Oxford Management Strategies Source of Life
Shapiro's Art Studio
Seriously Slim!
E-Commerce Solutions
Felena Kitchen & Bath
Naples Air Force

Static HTML

Crystal Clear Cleaning
One Stop Cash Advance
Beechwood Building

A+ Services can meet all of your design needs, as we go above and beyond what other services have to offer.  If you hire us to design your web site, you are hiring more than a web design company.  We will also be your graphic designers, content editors, advertising specialists and consultants.

Web design fees vary depending on the type of web site you desire, how many pages, if you want animation, if you want an online store, etc.  Please call or email us for an appointment or consultation.

We can also prepare marketing documents, such as business cards, flyers, advertising materials, letterheads, etc.  We can help you distribute your advertising materials using different channels of communication.